Johannes Kleske

July 7, 2014 1:31 pm

A quick hypothesis about subculture and the hype machine

This is a follow up to an earlier thought and inspired by a conversation with @_jrg and @zeigor on Twitter.

My original thought was that subcultures can’t develop unnoticed anymore because every new idea is immediately picked up and exposed.

But what if that has actually no real effect on the subculture because the hype machine has become so quick that you lose the attention again the minute you got it?
Everybody sees that thing you did. And then scrolls to the next item on their tumblr dashboard, the reddit frontpage etc. You get thousands of clicks in one hour and none in the next. You just get used to this and continue as if no-one noticed.

I think this is also why the current approach to trend spotting/cool hunting feels so shallow. Most of it is cheap click bait without any context or deeper analysis. All the trend agencies are good at giving you 50 cases of someone doing something new. But ask them what it means and what you should make of it and they get a bit dumbstruck.