June 24, 2014 4:51 am

Carlo's bake shop

I think people really like to wait on line. Before I got in to the bake shop I didn't know that shop is very famous, even there was no savory aroma. Only one reason why I got into the bake shop was the man who was singing and playing the guitar. I was curios about there was a event, Nevertheless, he was just a usual street singer that I can see in NY everywhere. I presume because this bake shop is so popular, he though we could make some money if he took a place front of the shop.

Unfortunately, people - especially travelers usually feel that they have to save their money. It might be better he changed other place, maybe. His choice of song was good.


alt text

When I enter the shop, there was a boy who help the people to open the door or guide to stand on line. He asked me what am I going to buy. I felt dubious about how should I answer, I even didn’t know what kind of bread they bake. I just took a one step and they gave me a displeasure. How talented they are!

In fact, I already heard about this oldest bakery shop in NYC. When I was taking my landlord’s car he prided himself on his city, and told me a lot of great thing to do in NJ. One of them was the bakery - funny thing was he didn’t know the shop’s name - because it is so old, even west part of the country-bred farmer had come to the shop for buying the bread. I bet that no sugar countryside’s bread would be tastier that that place.

For me, it was not worth to wait a long time for just one bread. Maybe I just hate to wait. :P