June 16, 2014 9:13 pm

Ideas for staying motivated at the gym

  • set aside $60 at the beginning of each NF challenge earmarked for a treat that is specified in advance. Say I want to get to the gym 5x per week, each workout I miss loses me $2. Could be a way to save up for something big.
  • star chart on the fridge
  • NF accountabuddy group
  • set an alarm outside the bedroom
  • no gym, no breakfast
  • don't break the chain, with $1 earned every day the chain grows. Collect it after the chain gets so long. Game it - level 1= 5 day chain - collect "winnings" after 5 days. Level 2 = 7 days. Miss a day, start the level all over again
  • similar to above, but set "prizes" at different mileposts. 5 workouts in a row, get socks. 30 days in a row, get a pedicure. 300 days, a kayak.
  • no gym, cold shower
  • miss a day, I have to clean out cat boxes the rest of the week
  • I can only read novels for the same amount of time I exercise