June 15, 2014 7:26 pm

Book ideas

  • country churches of Virginia - coffee table book with pictures of rural VA religious buildings. Include Yogaville.
  • the world of needlework- another coffee table book with An overview of traditional embroidery/needlework of different countries/across time
  • Tennessee waltz- romance based in Nashville
  • lakes of virginia- all but two virginia lakes are man made. Why? Are they still fulfilling their original functions? How has their use changed? What condition are they in now?
  • the James - a journey up (or down?) the James river, documenting history, current state.
  • a romance centered around an ill-conceived plan to hike the AT
  • a speculative fiction piece depicting the best case scenario of what the world would look like as climate change really starts to make an impact. Something about the last refugees leaving an island nation just ahead of the storm that will completely devastate it. But the country that agreed to take them changes it's mind...
  • a collection of essays from my blog
  • secrets to a solid marriage- using recent research as well as stories from happy marriages
  • how to plan, budget, an execute awesome vacations