June 15, 2014 7:25 pm

If I were to start a blog researching topics, some topics I'd research

  • how much would a minimum income cost the U.S. vs how much we spend on entitlements and all the bureaucracy that manages it?
  • what laws get in the way of building green housing in VA?
  • bizarre hobbies (inspired by NPR's story on the guy who collects skulls)
  • the business model of a bug zoo.
  • history of liqueurs/extinct liqueurs
  • extinct desserts
  • what do today's vegetables look like compared to those 100, 200, 500 years ago? Follow cultivars of specific veggies. Or maybe cows.
  • what veggies did they grow in VA during colonial times that no longer does well due to hotter summers?
  • what varieties of fruits and veggies will I be able to grow in 10-20 years? What will I have to give up?
  • How will USDA growing zones change with temperature rise? How have they already changed?
  • insect range changes due to climate change