June 9, 2014 8:43 pm

Ways to save money

  • give up alcohol
  • give up fizzy water
  • call around to check rates on insurance
  • give up landline
  • buy less stuff
  • make more soups/be more strategic about meal planning
  • make a real budget and stick to it. In other words, don't ignore the basics!
  • have a plan for what to do with the money saved from implementing tactics. This should give incentive to do more saving.
  • inventory what we have (clothes, food in freezer, etc) to eliminate duplicate/unneeded purchases.
  • turn off one click buying on Amazon.
  • check the library/amazon prime library before purchasing any books.
  • review investments, 501k, etc. for unreasonable fees
  • garden before farmer's market
  • for clothes and shoes especially: shop, make a list of what you need and which items will work best, then wait for a sale before purchase.
  • reprogram the thermostat so it gets a couple degrees hotter during the day.