May 14, 2014 9:20 am

# Working out loud - "Man this hurts!" #90my (Sent from my mobile device)

**So really this post is putting my money where my mouth is"

Yesterday @90mainyard we moved a few more steps along the building a community and doing some marketing road.

We are looking for ways to communicate about the coworking space without "sales and marketing" - if course revenue is important but to make it sustainable the community has to bond together and then to make it even more complicated you can't "tell people to bond".

To be honest we are working out in our Mainyard task force and for ourselves what a goal, target, intentions, vision and all those other words mean for us.

Luckily we are all of a "just do it nature" - (If there was an Olympic Gold Medal for procrastinating I would be the Steve Redgrave so this is good for me!)

I am still banging my head on the table when I start to put this type of work into action. Listening to @elsua last year and getting "all pumped" about transparency, openness, connectedness and sharing and 'working out loud' has caused a lot if problems.

Problems like letting go, admitting I need help, don't know stuff, can't do some stuff, will be late, that I might not be right and - worst of all - that I really am still learning.

It also threw up more challenges worse than this list - like admitting what I am good at, what I enjoy, what matters to me, who I work best with.

Then, saying no. I got back from Ouishare fest and went through my @trello boards with chain saw. If it is only just happening it's not happening, cut, cut, cut, cut BANG. I am sure I am going to piss a few people off - sorry - you will be less pissed off this way.

If it is not podcasting, sharing economy or blogging it's not on!

Also in the next 24 months I am going o write a book. I am not sure exactly what on but I know when I get there. I might Crowd find it or just give it away or sell it on Amazon for £1 - it is not about being Stephen King or Seth Godin - it is about breaking through my own personal sound barrier and connecting others what they can use.

The best kick in the world for me - putting people together with each other and even better still each other's knowledge.

**so today: finish podcasts! Icollday website, newsletter in Mailchimp and open a bank account.

**as always comments and observations welcome