Bakari Chavanu

February 13, 2014 2:4 am

10 Things I Appreciate About Journaling #JournalChat

Keeping written snapshots of my day to day experiences for the purpose of re-reading my journal entries over the years to come.

A place to really express myself and say what I feel without hearing the opinions of others.

The surprise I get sometimes as I write reflective entries and discover thoughts I did not previously have.

Tagging (categorizing) topics and re-viewing them for patterns and themes.

A place to empty my head when it feels crowded.

The process of creating a book about my life and the people I share it with.

Highlighting topics and experiences I might forget as I get older.

Collecting data (mostly in the form of lists) about my life that I will want to remember as I get older.

The ability to write everyday without needing an audience, besides myself.

Using apps like Day One for all the useful features it provides.

Working out problems in my life that don't seem to have immediate solutions.

Possibly leaving behind parts of my journal for my children to read someday.