Roger Cavanagh

November 26, 2015 4:35 pm

The iPad Pro

My new baby arrived today—though “baby” may not be the right choice for this monster. I stretched out the anticipation by allowing time for the package to acclimatise before opening it, and then again before removing the cellophane wrapper and before the final unboxing.

The box was constructed with the usual Apple care: an almost airtight seal between the lid and bottom. It took a little bit of struggling to eventually remove the lid. Apart from the iPad inside the box is the usual charger and an extra long Lightning cable: two metres, I think it is, though I’ve left it in the box for the time being.

I installed the most essential apps first and will add other as need arises to try to keep things minimal.

Essential Apps

These are my core apps (with links to the UK App Store).


Dropbox almost has to be the first installation. Several of my other key apps require Dropbox integration to function correctly, though I don’t often use the app itself.


Another utility app needed as a building block to my iOS world.


My go-to app for writing, usually in Markdown. Most of my posts on ODDROPS start out in Byword.

Day One

The journaling app—‘nuff said.


I have tried several iOS mind mapping tools: iThoughts is the best.


I’m sure that I don’t leverage Evernote as much as I could or should, but I am slowly working on it.

Reference Apps

There are several apps that end up in a Reference folder, but the Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus ends up my home page. The app that I have seems to have disappeared from the App Store, but there are alternatives.