Paul Mayne

March 15, 2014 8:15 pm

Publish by Day One Shout Outs

The best part of Day One is the team behind it. We’ve been lucky to gather together a tight group of talent that made it happen. Here’s some credits due to the team behind out latest creation — Publish.

Our development team is led by Ben Dolman, a long time friend of mine, and partner in Day One, who’s been a part of this since day one. Ben has architected all aspects of Day One on the tech side including the most important part, sync.

In addition to writing the connection layer from client to server, Ben also owned the iOS implementation of Publish for the past couple months to finalize and make every detail solid and bug free.

Jason Webb planned and built the server-side of Publish with his wealth of knowledge about building a system that scales efficiently using the latest proven technologies. Jason started on this one-year ago and helped us evolve the idea into something real that handled our launch perfectly.

Alan Wessman worked with Jason on nearly all aspects of the Publish project. Alan bravely managed the task of implementing ever-dreadful Facebook Graph, the most frustrating task of this entire project.

Dallas Petersen keeps the project in-check, making sure we’re all in sync and helping us hit our deadlines, no matter how many times we’ve pushed them back. Not only that, he wears a dozen other hats including adding em-dashes to all our copy.

Paul Mayne (me). Shouting out to myself because I’ve slaved over as many details in the user interface and user experience as I could handle. It’s still not perfect, but it’s as close as I could get it for now.

David Godfrey arrived at my office twice a week, consistently for an entire year to code the front-end HTML / CSS / JS. David showed great patience with me as I redesigned the entry page several times, even after it had been built and implemented. David was a part-time contractor and helped us all the way through the launch.

Shelley, our dear, kind and friendly customer support representative. Helps our users and tests the heck out of our beta builds.

BJ Homer, our resident Mac dev guru added the Day One Mac functions to filter and view published entries. He also assisted on code reviews and implementation questions and ideas collaborating with Ben and Adam on the iOS client.

Adam Kirk build the first iOS Publish UI, which was never seen or used by anyone because iOS 7 was released and I chose to re-design the entire thing. Adam then re-built much of the UI while working with Ben before leaving us to focus full-time on his latest project, Firehose.

Geof Crowl had a moment of availability and pitched in some awesome design ideas on both the entry page and the iOS share panel design that influenced the final design. It was refreshing to work with another designer — even if for a short while before Rally got him full-time.

Merrick Christensen pitched in on the front-end when we first kicked-off the Publish project.

It’s a pleasure for us to work on a project we’re passionate about and even better to see it successfully launched, alive and embraced by our users. We just passed 10,000 user signups and about the same number of published entires.

Thanks to all who’ve made this project happen and your families, and to the users who’ve supported us.