J. Massey

July 31, 2015 3:14 pm

Now let's evaluate our…


What did I do yesterday?

The most significant thing I want to remember from yesterday is how effective the Pomodoro Technique is for me. It gives me an easier way to define success and creates a positive momentum toward continuing and perseverance through a goal or task.

I got the entire funnel up done, corrected, and launched in very short order. Was quite happy with that result.

What lessons did I learn?

I keep learning deeper meanings as to when and why I should take frequent breaks. I don't do physical work but it is still work none the less and requires breaks.


What one thing am I thankful for right now?

Well today is officially Jordyn's birthday. I'm happy that I get to invest the day with the family at the OC Fair and I didn't have to ask anyone for permission for the time off. I also completed a three pomodoro as well already, and I'm excited because I've got a quantifiable way of being productive. Quite happy.

How or what am I feeling in this moment?

Feeling pretty peaceful and feeling as though I'm getting on top of things. The next major thing that must happen is tackling my GTD inbox and processing.


What have I read today?

Mostly blogs about the Apple Watch :)

What are my plans for today?

Have fun and guilt free relaxing.

What one thing must I accomplish today?

I must get the podcast episodes done because of the LIthuania trip. Two are done. Would like to get two more done as well.