J. Massey

July 31, 2015 3:12 pm

Now let's evaluate our…


What did I do yesterday?

NOTHING! Rather, my back was in so much pain little was accomplished from a work standpoint. Never experienced that much pain in my back before. A new unwelcome experience for sure. Had three chiropractic adjustments, motrin, rest, massage appointment, and yes the pain lessened, but was present all dang day.

What lessons did I learn?

That it’s for reasons exactly like that why I’m building the business this way. My body my fail and indeed is guaranteed to fail 100% one day, however, a business can catch a cold just as well. I will have in place a way for the business to run without me and seeing more of that happen in a time when I truly could do little is something to behold.


What one thing am I thankful for right now?

At this moment, I’m grateful for chiropractors and rest. I’m still happy about the Apple Watch. :)

How or what am I feeling in this moment?

For the most part, I’m feeling peaceful. My back is sore and tender, but peaceful.


What have I read today?

Was considering how in Ephesians the Bible mentions that it is by grace that I am saved, through faith not from myself. Something of great and immense value is offered to me for “free”. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost something, it just means I get to take advantage of it for free.

This same idea is true with each item we create to attract our investors, buyers, sellers, and students. The question is, do they consider what we are offering for free to be of great and immense value?

What are my plans for today?

  1. I intend on setting up the affiliate link for the new JV partner.
  2. I’m also recording two podcasts.
  3. Beginning to establish the criteria for bringing aboard a person to help with customer service.
  4. Speaking with an investor about purchasing one of our buildings.
  5. Consultation appointment with a new potential 1:1 student.

What one thing must I accomplish today?

I must get the affiliate link settled.