J. Massey

July 27, 2015 2:8 pm

Now let's evaluate our…


What did I do yesterday?

I walked more than 20k steps and it was the first time I got all three activity rings on my Apple watch filled. Yay. :)

Popi and I celebrated our anniversary and I feel like I finally got one right…. (12 tries isn’t bad is it?)

I also completed an entire book yesterday in the same day I started it as well.

What lessons did I learn?

I learned that my wife and I are getting better an communicating our emotions. There was an incident where I was visibly upset with someone else and she was able to talk me down “off the ledge” as they say.

I also learned that decreased dopamine can be linked to one’s inability to focus for long periods of time. Likely sounds like an odd fact, but as I’m working through the Pomodoro Technique book, it calls for periods of 25 consecutive minutes of focus on ONE activity. We shall see how this goes today.


What one thing am I thankful for right now?

I’m am happy and thankful that my children are at home and healthy. That Ayanna will be spending some time here with us this summer before returning to college. And I’m quite happy because my anxiety levels about accomplishing things has greatly decreased. There’s never going to be enough time to do all that I want, and I am looking to improving the definition of those hard edges.

How or what am I feeling in this moment?

I’m feeling as though I’m gaining wisdom and maturity. I feel a sense of peace as I’m preparing for today.


What have I read today?

I’ve made more progress through David Allen’s GTD and started and completed the Pomodoro Technique book. Interestingly, that’s now the 2nd book I’ve completed in a day this year and the 3rd ever in my entire life.

What are my plans for today?

  1. I will choose between offers today.
  2. I will cut bait or fish on the 1.2M loan
  3. I will get my GTD lists defined and my inbox processed.
  4. I will use the Pomodoro Technique with the goal of completing just one set today.
  5. I will get through the customer service inbox and use that time to also start recording for the library.

What one thing must I accomplish today?

The customer service inbox seems like the drop dead thing today.