Alison Pope

July 3, 2015 3:45 pm

CILIP Conference Day 2 Presidential Address

Jan Parry Presidential Address

The situation isn't going to get better. We've got to make more of an impact.

Reviewing YOU

Come up with a one-liner on what you do. If you simply state you are a librarian it closes down conversations because it prompts immediate assumptions.

Send a weekly email to your boss and tell them what you have done, have you have added value and how you have contributed to the organisation's strategy. This might annoy them but it keeps you in their mind and providers evidence that can be used in your annual review.

Don't just expect your boss to review you. Review yourself. Are you ready for business? Don't just drift into doing things you enjoy but aren't in your job description: you won't get judged on them. Are you getting cosy? If so find ways to refresh your mentality to the attitude you had when you started. Ask to shadow influential people and invite them into your service to expand your network and influence. Get to know who provides the funding for your service. Dress professionally. Keep a a jacket in your office to be "meeting ready".

Reviewing Your Service

Be ahead of the game, be ready. Think about your staff. How much do they cost? Are they fit for purpose? Do they lack sparkle and need refreshing? Are they fulfilling their role properly. This may feel uncomfortable but it has to be done and don't let someone else do it. Is your collection simply taking up space? Get proper feedback as evidence. Use your friends or colleagues as mystery shoppers. Think of your service as your business.

How CILIP a Can Help

Official launch of the Impact Toolkit. Available in the VLE now.

If you have evidence you can prove your value. This will stop organisation's looking at your service as the first place to cut. You may not be entirely safe but you won't be low hanging fruit.

So go out and make an impact.