Alison Pope

July 3, 2015 2:35 pm

CILIP Conference Day 2 Demonstrating Value

Rob Sanderson and Richard Bealing Nothing every happens in libraries

Talk about how Wigan Library Service learnt how to sell themselves as they compete for scarce public resources.

If you want to demonstrate value it is not about what you are doing, it is about how to communicate it.

Politicians need information that is simple and quick to understand.

Link into the authority's priorities and describing how what you are doing fits into that in their language not yours.

In Wigan Senior Managers didn't even know how many libraries there were. There is a new council initiative called The Deal.

They put together a video demonstrating how what Wigan Library Service already does to help meet these promises and tricked the chief executive into watching it. It has now been watched by the entire senior management team (and prompted a round of applause from conference delegate!).

Watch the Video

This may not insulate the library from cuts but it does ensure that decision makers are clear about what the libraries does and how it delivers value.

The video was out together by the Library's digital literacy team. It did take some time but the music helps.

Must take care it is soon not as an advert but to raise awareness and communicate knowledge.