Jonathan Dueck

March 13, 2014 2:33 am

A Day In The Life Of

I started Day One on the suggestion of @josiahwiebe and after reading @joshuaginter’s support of it. One of my intentions was to use the app as a way of practicing my writing. I’ve been pretty shy about writing online, so this gives me a way to write often. With the launch of Publish yesterday, I thought I’d share one of my favourite techniques for sticking with Day One.

One of my favourite magazines is @kaibrach’s Offscreen. In every issue, there’s a section called A Day In The Life Of where contributers write down a timeline for one of their typical days. Inspired by this, I began doing my own A Day In The Life Of-style journal entries and it’s become my favourite. Before I started journalling this way, I had a tough time coming up with things to write about. I didn’t know whether I should write down just the important events, or whether I should write down my thoughts for the day. This format, though, provides structure, encouraging me to write down events often, and allows me to add comments where I wish.

So without further ado, here’s A Day In The Life Of Jon Dueck:


A number of my classmates just were in SXSW the past week, so a number of classes have been optional including this morning’s class, so I allow myself to sleep in.


Coffee & Toast with about an hour to work on schoolwork before class. I just bought a bag of Matchstick coffee. I’m using a Lanch Centre Pro action by @josiahwiebe below to log my coffee. We’re currently making thirty-second commercials for non-profits in Visual Techniques. Because it can be hard to line up a video shoot, I’ve decided to create a motion graphic piece for the Lothar Schmidt Art Award.


Time to catch the bus. The weather has been fairly nice (for Manitoba) recently, so walking to the bus stop is a lot more enjoyable than it was a few weeks ago.


Visual Explorations class. It’s mainly a work period for us to work on an in-class editing assignment, and our commercials. My instructor, Paul Kroeker, also goes through some interview lighting techniques for us to use in our final assignment.


We get let out of class early, so I catch a bus home. While waiting at the bus stop some classmates and I discuss work placement and job opportunities. With our final year of the programme coming to a close, the reality of finding a job is setting in.


I stop in at Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up a few groceries before walking home.


I get back to working on my thirty-second commercial. I have very little experience with After Effects, so every little animation is a learning experience. Luckily @yohnniee has been helping me in exchange for some help setting up his Siteleaf website.


I’ll be working on homework tonight, so supper will be a college-classic of chicken fingers. I find a few articles to read on Twitter.


The Canucks are playing in Winnipeg tonight, so I put the game on my secondary monitor while I work.


Working on this entry in between building my personal site. Putting a bit more effort into Day One on this one, knowing that I’ll be Publish-ing it.


After putting the finishing touches on this article, I Publish it. Obviously, I usually include the whole day, but I’ll leave you with this.

Origin/NameEthiopia/Teklu Dembel
Brew methodAeroPress
NotesOne of the better smelling coffees I've bought and the espresso shot Jason pulled for me Thom Bargen is probably the best shot I've had.

(Launch Center Pro action by @josiahwiebe)

I’m not sure how I’ll end up using Publish. It’s a unique service. I can see it being used occasionally for very personal blog-type posts, but it’s quite different from a blogging platform. Perhaps it could be used to publish candid accounts of life events that are different than a blog post where you take time to write and edit.

What kind of writing formats do you use for Day One? If you’ve tried formatting your entries in a similar way, how does it work for you?