Cliff Ravenscraft

December 12, 2014 5:7 pm

Here’s how to configure Yosemite to allow you to send SMS text messages from your Mac desktop.

When I purchased my new Macbook Pro that came with the new Yosemite OS built in, it automatically asked me if I wanted to receive and send regular SMS text messages from my computer via my connection to my iPhone. I said yes and since then I’ve been able to use the Messages app on my laptop to send text messages not only to other people who have iMessage, but I’ve also been able to send and receive SMS messages with “the green people,” aka those who do not use Apple’s iMessage.

This is great for when I’m mobile. However, each week, before my Green Room Mastermind meeting, I send a reminder text message to each of the members of the group to remind them of the call which contains the meeting id and access information.

All but one of our members use iMessage. So I’ve been able to send their reminders via my desktop ever since iMessage first came to the Mountain Lion OS. However, I always had to go over to my phone to send the same message to the “green guy” in our group (he knows who he is).

I have now updated my main iMac to Yosemite and I just figured out how to configure it so that I can also send and receive these SMS messages from this my main desktop as well.

If you want to do this, you must have iOS 8.1 or newer and you must have the Yosemite OS on your Mac.

Here are the steps…

1) Open the messages app on your mac computer (Assuming that you’ve already logged into your iMessages account. If not, do so).

2) Go to the Settings on your iPhone, go to the “Messsages” settings, and tap on “Text Message Forwarding.”

3) You should see a list of all your devices that are linked to your Apple ID. Turn on the toggle switch for your mac computer

4) You should see a six-digit number appear on the Messages app on your Mac computer.

5) Enter that code on your iPhone and you are all set up.

You can now send and receive SMS text messages with all the green people in your life directly from your Mac computer.