Holly Marie Anderson

December 5, 2014 2:26 am

Your highs/lows this year

This year has been relatively mellow compared to other years. I haven’t experienced too many exciting things like other years (for example, last year I both graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and was accepted and started law school). My highs this year were mostly simple things.

The one that comes to mind first is that I was appointed the director of our women’s ministry at church. Being appointed any leadership position anywhere is always exciting and a reason to be elated. I’m just excited to be considered a pillar and able to contribute in some way.

Another high, that isn’t a specific instance is just the fact that I’ve been able to focus a little bit more time on my hobbies, most notably playing video games (and learning how to stream my gameplay and my gaming YouTube channel — Thanks to my good friend Daniel0cean!) and my photography. Speaking of photography, I was given a new camera earlier this year, my very first DSLR, which was a big high since the quality is so much better than my old Nikon and I’m now able to purchase lenses for different occasions.

What started as a low, but ended as a high was when I found out that I needed a medical service dog, and then I receive my handsome boy, Milo. I was originally scared, nervous and unhappy about the entire situation, but now I have Milo, and he’s like my personal sidekick. He’s with me all the time, and I love the big guy. I’m already a huge animal person, but I’m especially a dog-lover, and what’s better than having your buddy with you wherever you go?

As for lows, I guess the only thing that I can think of would be illness. My life has been plagued by illness, both old and new diagnoses. But I know that despite the hardships, in the end, I will be stronger because of them.