Cliff Ravenscraft

November 29, 2014 1:38 pm

The stress of exercise is good, because it tears you down to build you back up a little stronger.

Chapter 5 of Younger Next Year continues talking about the benefits of exercise by saying... "You wear out little bits that need to be replaced after each use, requiring lots of fine tuning and minor repairs. This type of injury is called adaptive micro- trauma, and it’s critical to your growth and health."

Here are a few other random quotes from this chapter...

  • "Just remember two things. One: Decay triggers growth. And two: Exercise turns on inflammation, which automatically turns on repair."
  • "Your brain is part of this, too. Chronic emotional stress also produces a trickle of background C- 6. Loneliness, boredom, apathy, worry— hiss- bump . You can change this by being fit, or filling up your life, or both."
  • "It’s not hard, you just need to become a daily C- 10 guy. Exercise every day, at least enough to sweat, and you’ll be fit, guaranteed. You’ll be able to hike up a mountain at eighty, ski the black diamonds at seventy and outrun your kids at fifty, but more than that, you’ll be healthy, more relaxed, more optimistic. Why? Because C- 10 will automatically flood your body an hour after exercise like a sprinkler coming on at sundown."
  • "But daily exercise, joy, play, engagement, challenge and closeness all trigger the crucial repair. That’s why a man who’s thirty pounds overweight, smoking a pack a day but exercising every day, has a lower statistical mortality than a thin, sedentary nonsmoker. Think about that image for a bit, because growth and decay also control the biology of heart attack and stroke."
  • "Exercise changes all this because if, and only if, you exercise regularly, the chemistry of your blood changes. The chronic inflammatory signals of sedentary life get replaced by signals to grow, to heal, to recover. C- 6 gives way to C- 10. Remember, half your body is muscle, releasing floods of C- 10 into your blood for hours after exercising, and your blood goes everywhere."

I'm really starting to enjoy this book. This chapter has helped me understand, at least at some level, about the biological benefits of exercise. Reading chapter 5, and hopefully remembering what it said, will help me have a strong desire to workout six days a week for the rest of my life.