Cliff Ravenscraft

November 27, 2014 1:41 pm

So here’s what happened yesterday…

After many days of writing and publishing multiple journal entries per day, I didn't write or publish a single entry yesterday.

Yesterday was a day filled with little margin, yet I take full responsibility for scheduling in as much as I did yesterday, without taking into account a few factors.

Overall, yesterday was an amazing day. However, there were priorities that I did not put first. As a result, I ended the day nearly 800 calories over budget and I didn’t work out.

Had I worked out for an hour, as I had intended to do, I would have considered yesterday to be a perfect day.

First, know that I'm not beating myself up. I don't feel guilty about how I spent my day yesterday. I am simply evaluating yesterday in light of my goals for living, Fully Alive each day and looking to see how I can avoid eating more than I should and neglecting exercise on days like yesterday in the future.

Let me share what great things happened yesterday.

I did wake at my desired time of 5 AM. At this point, getting up early is not an issue at all. I’m hoping that this will continue to be the case, as I am loving the benefits of having this very early start to my day.

I did start my day with reading. This has been extremely beneficial to me. It’s nice to consume some sort of entertaining, educational, encouraging or inspirational content, from a book, to start the day. Each day, I feel my mindset is expanding to knew information and new possibilities.

I had read chapter 2 of the book "Younger Next Year" (Read chapter 3 this morning).

I'm not enjoying this book at all. It's a co-authored book and the non-doctor author annoys me for some reason and the doctor author is adamant that we have evolved from bacteria, yeast and algae over the past 3.5 Billion years.

I’m okay with people who believe in Evolution. However, length at which this guy goes to try to convince me that worms and slugs are my ancestors is just a bit over the top.

At any rate, I am starting to understand why Ken Davis recommended that I read this book and overlook the obvious stuff that I would discern is the fluff. There are some valuable insights in this book about the way our body is designed, about how our brain is hard wired to run our body efficiently and how important the signals of exercise, healthy foods, relationships and engaging in life are to promoting growth, instead of decay, in our body.

I’ll continue to push through and read this book as this is what I committed to do when Ken Davis offered to mentor me.

After reading, I normally go straight into journaling. However, I knew that Thanksgiving was coming up (Today - Happy Thanksgiving) and that our family is leaving town on Monday for a nine day trip to Orlando for a much needed family vacation. Also, I had an especially busy schedule booked for the day.

So after reading, I had breakfast and went down to get started on my day.

The first thing that I did was that I recorded and published episode 382 of Podcast Answer Man ( I was going to take the week off this week due to Thanksgiving and even next week due to our vacation. However, I had already taken a week off, just two weeks ago, due to our trip to Colorado Springs, CO for the Platform conference. And just a few weeks before that, I had taken a week off when I went to Beaver Creek, CO for the SCORRE Conference.

Needless to say, I feel that I should not only preach how important consistency is to having a successful podcast, I should be an example to others in this area.

In that podcast episode, I talked about how I’ve been using the Day One App to write these journal entires, how and why I’ve been sharing my posts to my Tumblr account ( and when and why I share most entries on Twitter and/or Facebook. Most important to that audience is how I’ve also been using my journaling as a blog content strategy as well.

Also in that episode, I shared an interview that I recorded with my great friend, Michael Hyatt. I had recorded the interview back on Monday. In the conversation with Michael, we talked about journaling, discerning the future direction of each of our brands, setting goals and the upcoming launch of his newly updated product called Best Year Ever (

At 10 AM ET, I did an interview with Dr. Linda Tucker. She had invited me to be a guest on her Challenge Your Thinking podcast (

At 11:30 AM ET, I met with my personal (The Green Room) mastermind group for an hour. It was an awesome meeting full of great energy and amazing insight. This meeting is among of the favorite things that I do each week.

At 12:30, I had lunch and took a break, sitting back and relaxing on the couch for a while.

At 2 PM I did an interview with Ryan Hanley. He had invited me to be a guest on his Content Warfare podcast (

At 3 PM I did an interview with James Kinson. He had invited me to be a guest on his Cash Car Convert podcast (

At 3:45 PM, I processed Dan Miller’s podcast episode that will be released this Friday ( I do not offer podcast production services for anyone other than Dan.

At 4PM ET I did an interview with Gene Hammett. He had invited to be a guest on his Leaders In The Trenches podcast (

At 5PM ET I did an interview with Zac Johnson. He had invited me to be a guest on Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast (

As you can see, I had a pretty full day. When I had schedule a total of five podcast interviews for yesterday, I hadn’t given thought to the fact that yesterday was going to be the day before Thanksgiving and just a few days before leaving for our big family vacation to Orlando.

If this were not the case, both the production of my Podcast Answer Man episode and the production of Dan Miller’s podcast would have happened today.

At any rate, by 6 PM last night, I was completely exhausted. I had a great and fulfilling day. I probably should have gone and taken a solid 30 minute power nap. However, I waited until it was time for dinner.

Stephanie had been making pies for Thanksgiving and backed an extra pumpkin pie (my favorite) that she allowed us to break into last night.

Assuming that I was going to be working out for an hour on the elliptical, I went ahead and allowed myself to go over my calorie budget for the day.

I planned to allow 90 minutes for my food to settle before going to workout. However, after those 90 minutes were up, I simply didn’t have the energy or self-discipline to make myself go get started.

I could have probably made myself do it. However, I had done so much that day and felt that I would have just been pushing it too far if I forced myself to do the workout.

So there you go. That was what happened yesterday.

As I said, I don’t feel guilty for going over my calorie budget and not working out yesterday. I did accomplish ton of great things. However, I want to avoid having days like this, void of margin, in the future.

On December 17th, I do have one more Wednesday that were I have scheduled five podcast interviews plus my Green Room mastermind meeting. However, that week has plenty of margin before and after. Podcast Answer Man and Dan Miller’s podcast will be produced the day after that.

With that said, I’m adding a note in my calendar, right now, to make sure to do my workout at 7:30 AM that morning.

So today is Thanksgiving Day. I already have a plan for what I am going to eat today. I plan to have a healthy portion of turkey, a baked sweet potato, green beans, and yes… a piece of pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!